Located in Montreal, our entire PARKHIT team has developed a sharing and exchange application for motorists.

  • This application responds to the problems of big cities like Montreal because of the scarcity of surface locations.

  • Environmental issues such as pollution versus greenhouse gases are important to us.

  • We aim to increase the fluidity of traffic.


This is a unique application that will allow you to find and book a parking lot near a desired place that has been released by another user whether it is on the street (paid or not) in a private parking or in a mall.

We want to give you the most optimized trips given your busy schedules. For an outing in town or with friends, to attend a festival or a concert, to perform several races in the day, to go to a medical appointment or even to go to the shopping center on December 24, PARHIT is the solution. In as little as three easy steps, our users will know that a parking lot will be waiting for them on their arrival and will save several hours a year turning around for parking.

We advocate self-help as a strategic and logical way to meet the growing need for parking in major cities. Since urban planning does not allow for more parking spaces, the PARKHIT platform enables us to optimize their use at a low cost while allowing users to make money by helping another user to his or her parking in return.

Road traffic generates significant adverse effects on the environment. Whether it's through noise, our infrastructure, the greenhouse effect, and carbon dioxide emissions reaching nearly 138 million metric tons in 2014 according to Statistics Canada, or even all kinds of pollution-related illnesses. Vehicles are a convenient, efficient and fast means of transportation, except when more than 300 million hours are spent on major roads in Montreal each year to encourage urban traffic. This is why PARHIT responds well to this problem. We encourage and privilege public transit, but for the few uses you will make of your vehicle, minimize its use by going directly to your destination.

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