Pay for your Parking Reservation and Get Paid for giving it back!

1.Give your parking spot

Signal on the map where your car is parked as you are about to leave your space.

  • Confirm your car position and let the application find someone looking to take your space.

  • A notification will be sent to you that someone is interested by your parking spot.

Wait as you look at the vehicule described on the app that comes your way to take your PARKHIT.

  • Confirm and exit your space!

SUCCESS! You get paid for helping someone!

2.Reserve a parking spot

To reserve a parking lot, determine on the map the PARKHIT closest to your destination.

  • Indicate on the map where you would like to park.

  • Book the best Parkhit for you.

Drive to your PARKHIT location and claim your spot!

  • Follow the GPS indications to your destination.

  • Slide the confirmation bar to confirm you have parked.

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